Anime themes for motivation

Here’s a list in no particular order are anime themes for motivation. One song per artist or anime series.

Inner Universe-Origa (GITS)

Flyers-Brandio (Death Parade)

Connect-Madoka Magica

One Reason-Fade (Deadman Wonderland)

Papermoon-tommyheavenly6 (Soul Eater)

Sorairo Days-Shoko Nakagawa (Gurren Lagann)

Haruka Kanata-Asian Kung Fu Generation (Naruto opening #2)

Dream of Life-Ito Shohei (Bakuman)

Stray-Steve Conte (Wolf’s Rain)

Lilium-Kumiko Noma (Elfen Lied)

This dream-(Pokémon Advanced Battle)

Butterfly-Koji Wada (Digimon)

My Sweetheart -Rika Komatsu (Tokyo Mew Mew)

Catch you Catch me -Gumi (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Moonlight Densetsu -(Sailor Moon)

Kokoro No Tamago Buono!- Shugo Chara

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin theme-Takayuki Miyauchi

Kikoeru Kashira-Oowado Ritsuko (Akage No Anne) Anne of Green Gables

Crossing Field-Lisa (Sword Art Online)

The Day- (My Hero Academia)

Liar Mask – Rika Mayuma (Akame Ga Kill)

Yugioh theme song

Gotta Go Fast-(Sonic X)

Smile Bomb – Sara White (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Dragon Soul-(Dragon Ball Z Kai)

Through the Night-Masahiko Arimatsu  (Outlaw Star)

A Cruel Angel’s Thesis-Yoko Takahashi (Evangelion)

Raise Your Flag-Man on a Mission (Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans

Hikaru Nara-Goose House (Your Lie in April)

Trigun opening

Red Fraction-Black Lagoon

Gurren No Yomiya-Linked Horizon (Attack on Titan)

Genesis-Dimension W

Don’t lose your way-Mika Koyabashi (Kill La Kill)






Top 10 Victorious Songs


Victorious had a ton of hits on their soundtrack album. Here are the top 10 Victorious songs. Honorable mentions are listed at the bottom.

10. “5 Fingaz to the Face”

9.  “Make it in America”

8. “I Think You’re Swell”

7. ” You Don’t Know Me”

6. “You’re the Reason”

5. “Beggin’ on Your Knees”

4. “Freak the Freak Out”

3. “Give it Up”

2. “Take A Hint”

1. “Make it Shine”

Honorable mentions: Finally Falling, 365 Days, Best Friend’s Brother, Tell me that you love me, Number One, All I want is everything, Favorite Food

Most Memorable Pilipino Tv show themes

Here’s a ranked list for the Most Memorable Pilipino Tv show themes.

  1. “Maalaala Mo Kaya”  from Maalaala  Mo Kaya(MMK) (ABS-CBN)
  2. “Kailang Kaya”              from “Marina”  (ABS-CBN)
  3. ” Marimar theme”        from “Marimar”(2007)  (GMA)
  4. ” Aking Mundo”           from  “Dysebel” (2008)  (GMA)
  5. “Narda”                          from  “Darna”    (2008)   (GMA)
  6. ” Amaya theme”            from  “Amaya”    (2011)    (GMA)
  7.  “Kasama Kita”             from Little Nanay (2015)  (GMA)
  8. “Wish I May”           from Wish I May (2016)      (GMA)
  9. “Iibigin Kang Muli” from “Once Again” (2016) (GMA)
  10. “Tadhanna!”   from “Encantadia “(2016) (GMA)
  11. “Awit Kay Inay” from “Onanay” (2016)   (GMA)
  12. “Ganito Ako”      from “Dragon Lady” (2016)  (GMA)
  13. “Sahaya theme”  from “Sahaya”  (2016)  (GMA)
  14. “It Takes Love” from ” Love You Two” (2019) (GMA)

Favorite Disney-Mania Songs

Disney Mania Albums


Disney-Mania gave me good memories growing up. I enjoyed the concept. Different artists and bands covering various Disney songs. A few songs such as Kiss the Girl, Part of  Your World, and Cruella De vil have different song covers.


“The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room”  Hilary Duff

“Beauty and the Beast” Jump 5

“Reflection” Christina Aguilera


Disney-Mania 2

“Welcome”  Jump5

“True to your Heart”-Raven

“Circle of Life” Disney Channel Circle of Stars

“Once Upon Another  Dream”  No Secrets

“The Second Star to the Right”  Jesse McCartney


Disney-Mania 3

“Under the Sea” Raven Symone’

“Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride” Jump 5

“I Won’t Say I’m in Love” Cheetah Girls

“Zip-a-Dee-Doh-Dah” Aly & AJ

“Part of Your World” Skye Sweetnam

“Colors of the Wind”  Christy Carlson Romano

“Cruella de Vil ” Lalaine


Disneymania 4

“A Dream is a Wish Your heart makes” Disney Channel Circle of Stars

“Big Bad Wolf” B5

“If I Never Knew You”  Cheetah Girls

“I’ll try” Jesse McCartney



“So this is Love” The Cheetah Girls

” Kiss the Girl” Ashley Tisdale

” Go the Distance”  Lucas Grabeel



“If I didn’t have you” Mitchel Musso & Emily Osment

“That’s How You Know” Demi Lovato

“Cruella de Vil” Selena Gomez

“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”  Nikki Blonsky



“When She Loved Me” Bridgit Mendler

“Stand out” Mitchel Musso

“Part of your World”  Anna Maria Perez de Tagle’






‘Cardcaptor Sakura’ Goes Harder than You Think

Appreciation for Cardcaptor Sakura is always welcome.

(Ed. Note: I’ll try to avoid spoilers as I think every anime fan owes it to themselves to check out Cardcaptor Sakura)

I’m a 80s/90s baby, so I’ve watched a lot of the classic anime. From Yu Yu Hakusho to Akira to the Dragon Ball franchise, I’ve watched most of the seminal series and movies that get brought up in anime discussions from that era. I’ve watched some, thanks to Bennett the Sage of Anime Abandon, that I wish I didn’t. But all in all, I’ve become a Stand user of culture as well. One anime I didn’t see, at least not completely, was Cardcaptor Sakura. A CLAMP-created series, CCS was known far and wide for reinventing the magical girl genre, character building and its queer representation.

Since I’m an 80s/90s baby, I got treated to the Nelvana dub, simply titled Cardcaptors. Bastardized like many dubs…

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A Whisker Away Anime Movie Review

Synopsis: “A peculiar girl transforms herself into a cat to catch crush’s attention. But before she realizes it, the line between human and animal starts to blur. ” (Netflix)

I watched this movie a month ago on Netflix and the experience was underwhelming. Spoilers ahead!


The memorable characters in this movie are: Hinode, his grandpa, Kinoko (Karou’s cat), Karou. (Miyo’s new step-mom), and her mom Miki.

Out of the two main leads, I enjoyed Hinode’s character than Miyo.

I was invested in his close relationship with his grandpa. Their interactions are one of the film’s highlights. Hinode’s interest in pottery reminded me of Whisper of the Heart where Seiji’s dream is to become a violin-maker. Both of their goals require hands-on work and are centered in the arts.  In addition, I feel sympathy towards Hinode, it must be tiring having to deal with unwanted affection.

Kinoko is my favorite sidecharacter. I admire her loyalty to Karou. She just wants Karou to be happy. I’d want a cat like her.

The cat-mask seller and his masks bring up the cool idea of masks that turn people into full-fledged cats and vice-versa. He had this whimsical  and mischievous behavior.

The cat world gave me flashblacks to Spirited Away since it gave off an otherworldly atmosphere.

The confession scene in the classroom was heart-wrenching and made me shed a tear.



#1 Miyo came off as unlikable. I found it awkward and embarrassing when she’d “butt-head” Hinode using her move “Hinode Sunrise”. It got old after the first couple times. Also, she can’t take “no” for an answer. She doesn’t notice that Hinode brushes off her advances showing his disinterest. She just tries harder to grab his attention.

I applaud her friend for calling out her behavior.

Miyo masquerades as a cat to Hinode just to get closer to him.  That’s way beyond stalking and goes into infiltration The mask is used as a plot device and a means to an end.

Hinode’s anger is justified once he finds out the truth, Miyo lied and deceived him.

Although the cat Island is cool and amazing, the world itself is underdeveloped. I wish the movie focused more on this and the cats living there. It would be a fun shorts series, watching the backstories of these cats who were humans in a previous life.

Another plotline that needed expansion was the conflict between Miki and Karou. When did Miki first start to hold a vendetta against Karou? This would’ve made the film more entertaining.

I wanted to know more about Miyo’s relationship with her mother. Why did she choose to live with her dad and his new wife? What was her mom?



A Whisker Away is a stunning film with an intriguing premise. However the film’s story  is underwhelming because much of the plotlines are underdeveloped and could’ve been further expanded upon. Especially, the Cat Island and Miyo’s parental figures. Hinode should’ve been the focus character instead of Miyo. His story was more engaging and interesting.






Favorite Direct to Video Scooby Doo Films

I grew up on tons of direct-to video films as seen by my Disney list and this list.

Here are a few that I have a vivid memory of  for

scooby doo logo


  1. Zombie Island (1998)
  2.  Cyber Chase (2001)
  3.  The Witch’s Ghost (1999)
  4.  The Legend of the Vampire (2003)
  5.  Alien Invaders (2000)
  6.  Aloha Scooby Doo (2005)
  7.  Where’s My Mummy (200
  8.  Monster of Mexico  (2003)



Favorite Cartoon Network Shows

There were so many cartoons I watched on Cartoon Network. Narrowing the list down to 10  was difficult so various honorable mentions are listed.

cartoon network logo

10. Johnny Bravo

9. Dexter’s Laboratory

8. Batman Beyond

7. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

6. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

5. Courage the Cowardly Dog

4. Ben 10

3. Teen Titans

2. Codename Kids Next Door

1. Powerpuff Girls (original)

Honorable Mentions: Camp Lazlo, Hi Hi PuffyAmiYumi, Chowder, Flapjack, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Class of 3000, Steven Universe, Samurai Jack, OK KO! Let’s Be Heroes

Favorite Nickelodeon Live-Action TV series

These will be shows from Nickelodeon with the exception of one.

splatteenickTeenick Logo from Google Images



10. 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

9. Clarissa Explains it All

8. The Secret World of Alex Mack

7.  H20 Just Add Water

6. The Amanda Show

5. Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

4. iCarly

3. Victorious

2. Zoey 101

1. Drake and Josh

Honorable Mention: All that,  Are you afraid of the Dark, True Jackson V.P. , Naked Brothers Band, Unfabulous, Big Time Rush

Favorite Disney Tv Shows-Live Action

Here are my favorite live action shows from Disney Channel. Most of them are from the early 2000’s. I also miss when the stars of Disney drew the mickey mouse logo.

Wand ID“Hi I’m Alyson Michalka. and You’re watching Disney Channel.”   Image taken from Disney Wiki

10. Good Luck Charlie

9. Hannah Montana

8. Andi Mack

7. Sonny with a Chance

6. Wizards of Waverly Place

5. Phil of the Future

4. Suite Life of Zack and Cody

3. Even Stevens

2. That’s so Raven

1. Lizzie McGuire

Honorable Mentions: Girl Meets World, Jessie